What should I do with my green cherry tomatoes?

I finally admitted to myself that I planted my tomatoes too late this year, and pulled out the plants to make room for a winter crop. I've got about 4 cups of green cherry tomatoes that I can't bear to throw away. Ideas? Preferably something that can be canned.

Ms. T
  • Posted by: Ms. T
  • November 19, 2011


RobertaJ November 22, 2011
Pickled green tomatoes are AMAZING. I had an article about them on my blog, here's the link. http://apoundofyeast.blogspot.com/2011/10/pickle-me-this.html So easy, and so tasty I swear I'm going to grow a plant next summer just to keep myself in pickled green tomatoes.
Ms. T. November 21, 2011
Thanks for all the creative suggestions! Lots of good ideas, but I think I will try pickling or making salsa verde.
Anitalectric November 21, 2011
Roast them and make salsa verde! Scallions, jalepenos, cilantro and lime juice would go well in this, too. Have fun.
Ms. T. November 21, 2011
You read my mind. I LOVE making salsa verde with roasted tomatillos and was wondering if I could do the same with green cherry tomatoes. Would you recommend combining with tomatillos or using just the tomatoes? I see enchiladas in my future with leftover turkey and homemade salsa verde :)
Sam1148 November 19, 2011
Slice them. Soak them in some milk and tsp of vinegar. (or butter milk).
Dredge them in seasoned corn meal for fried green cherry tomatoes. Fried in oil and then drained and re-seasoned with salt.

Make a sandwich/burger using toasted split english muffins for the bun.
Use wasabi mayo for a dressing, sirachi sauce (if you wish). Cucumber slices soaked in saltwater and vinegar..and a lime olive oil slaw for additions to the sandwich.

Personally. I might just slice them and fry them like little chips..in cornmeal. ( think fried okra) and call it a side dish. Maybe with some wasabi mayo or pickle relish mayo dressing/dipping sauce.
Ms. T. November 21, 2011
Sounds delicious, but I don't think I have the patience to slice and fry 4 cups of cherry tomatoes! If you'd like to do the cooking, I will gladly eat do the eating ;)
Greenstuff November 19, 2011
When I was in grad school, we always made green tomato relish (sadly, more cabbage than tomatoes) and pickled green tomatoes right after the first frost. They were wonderful on sandwiches. Four cups of pickled green cherry tomatoes? You'll be wishing you had more.
boulangere November 21, 2011
Any chance we could talk you into posting your recipe? The combination of green tomatoes and cabbage sounds fantastic!
Greenstuff November 21, 2011
I guess this will run together, boulangere, but here it is. I think we got it from Putting Food By by Janet Greene, but I don't have a copy of the book to confirm it. Green Tomato Relish;

6 medium onions,
1 medium head cabbage,
10 green tomatoes,
12 sweet green peppers,
6 sweet red peppers,
1/2 cup salt,
6 cups sugar,
1 tablespoon celery seeds,
1 tablespoon mustard seeds,
11/2 teaspoon turmeric,
4 cups cider vinegar,
2 cups water,

Grind the vegetables or shred them in a food processor. Mix them in a large container. Add the salt and let sit overnight. Rinse the mixture and add the remaining ingredients. Boil for three minutes and ladle into sterilized jars. Seal and process in a water bath for 20 minutes.

Makes 8 to 12 pints.
boulangere November 22, 2011
Thank you, Greenstuff!
Droplet November 19, 2011
You could also pickle them whole.
boulangere November 19, 2011
I recently ran into, figuratively you understand, an entire bin of green roma tomatoes at the grocery store, and made this:
The checkout clerk asked if I were sure I really meant to buy green tomatoes. I was.

It certainly won't take care of your abundance, but was pretty good. I love AntoniaJames's idea of green tomato chutney.
AntoniaJames November 19, 2011
Make green tomato chutney! I posted a recipe here, which I'm going to use tonight or tomorrow. My neighbor had quite a few green regular tomatoes, which I am pleased to say I now own. The chutney is great with roast turkey, by the way! Feel free to change up the spices. I like to use nutmeg and cloves instead of the anise. They go so well with the tart apple in the chutney. Here's the link: http://www5.food52.com/recipes/6440_green_tomato_chutney ;o)
Ms. T. November 21, 2011
Thanks AJ! That sounds delicious. My only hesitation is that I already made a BIG batch of chutney (inspired by your apple pluot chutney recipe--thanks for the inspiration!), so I might try pickling or salsa instead for a little more flavor variety in my pantry ;)
Phyllis September 20, 2014
I signed into your site for green tomato chutney and it said " not found"
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 20, 2014
Phyllis - Try this link: https://food52.com/recipes/6440-green-tomato-chutney

If the link doesn't work, search for Green Tomato Chutney in "recipes" on the site.
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