Cherry Clafoutis for a Sunday lunch group?

I am interested in trying this for a pot luck group, ussually 5-6 people. How suitable is this though? It sounds like it should be eaten out of the oven, yes? I could bake it during the main meal but I think I would have to at least make batter in advance and add to Cherries in pan just before baking. Would this work?

Any recommendations for one of the recipes at food52?

I could bake it about 3 hrs before consuming, would that be a bad idea? Also any opinions on sweet vs sour cherries. Local sour cherries should start soon and I wanted to use those but not sure if the sugar in most recipes work for sour or sweet cherries.

Or should I just rethink my idea for a sour cherry dessert? Maybe a sauce for icecream?

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caninechef July 14, 2014
Thanks to everyone for the advise and comments. The Cherry Clafoutis was a huge hit, no one was familiar with it( including me) but everyone raved about it. So popular that it will be reprised in 2 weeks. I made the batter and pitted the cherries ahead of time and then popped into the host's oven about 1/2 an hr before we sat down to lunch. Served with whipped cream.

The only disappointment was that the harsh winter did a job on the local cherry crop so no local sour cherries.
amysarah July 9, 2014
One of my favorites. I also usually make the batter ahead, then pop it in the oven while we're eating, or just before so it's still a little warm when served. I love sour cherries and if they're in season in your area, I'd definitely do that. (Unpitted is indeed authentic, but have to admit I usually use pitted these days.) I've made it with so many different fruits over the years, depending on season - honestly, all good.
anne July 9, 2014
I love using apricot halves, but sour cherries are my favourite
anne July 9, 2014
Clafoutis is traditionally made with unpitted sour cherries. Just warn your guests because the taste is worth it (not to mention making it easier on the cook). Making the batter ahead of time is actually recommended as it breaks down the gluten and results in a more tender dough. It will fall flat as it cools, so it's best warmer. Make your batter in advance and pop it in the oven just before you sit down to eat your main course.
ATG117 July 7, 2014
You can definitely make it ahead, just serve it at room temp, or warm it at a low temp right before serving.
Exbruxelles July 7, 2014
This sort of depends on how you like your clafoutis. I like it warm -- not hot-out-of-the-oven warm, but not sitting around for 3 hours, either. If you decide to bake it early, it will settle and the texture will be more dense. You can absolutely make the batter early--in fact it's probably better. Just remember to whirl the batter in the blender before you put the clafoutis together. I use Julia's recipe and use Bing cherries. It's wonderful, but if you use sour cherries you'll definitely need to add more sugar otherwise it will be mouth-puckeringly tart. Having said all that, if I had a bunch of sour cherries, I'd make a pie. You can make it early and heat it it up if you want. Plus: Everyone loves pie.
ChefJune July 7, 2014
Clafoutis is traditionally made with sour cherries, but it's tasty with either sweet or not. You would want to adjust the sugar. It's meant to be served warm/room temp, so you'll be fine baking it ahead.
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