Bitter kale

Got fresh kale from superstore on Saturday unfortunately when I tasted it this morning it was bitter I have no idea why. Please does anyone one know .



rasheedat July 10, 2014
I did massage my kale and removed the stem with olive oil to be honest the taste was
Different the texture was on unbelievable but a lil bitter thou but probably it is old already. Thank you
mainecook61 July 10, 2014
Another possibility: kale is a cool, even cold weather crop. That's when it flourishes and tastes best. Asking for kale in July is a bit like demanding tomatoes in January. Someone will surely grow these things out of season, if the people demand them, but they might not taste very good.
SKK July 10, 2014
I grow lacinto kale in my summer garden and although the flavor is stronger, it is wonderful. And I agree with Cynthia about the importance of removing stems, chopping leaves and massage.
Maedl July 10, 2014
Kale--the standard, curly kale--needs frost to get sweeter. It is definitely a cold weather crop--the kind of thing you eat when there aren't many other fresh vegetables around.
boulangere July 9, 2014
A couple of ideas come to mind. First of all, your kale may be a bit on the old end of the scale. Second, and I have to admit that I am a latecomer to the kale party, the first time I read that kale needed to be massaged, literally, I thought, "Yeah, riiiiiiight. I'm going to get massaged long before my kale will be." But honestly, removing the stems, chopping the leaves, then rubbing them between your fingers creates a wonderful change. By massaging kale, enzymes are released which begin to break down the natural bitter compounds in it. So massage it, and please let us know if you find a difference in its taste and texture.
Pegeen July 10, 2014
Laughing about you getting massaged before the kale.

Just heard a story on NPR about plants that *know* when insects have attacked them and change their growing behavior accordingly. Who said plants don't think? (And I would like to be massaged - maybe not with vinaigrette - too.)
boulangere July 10, 2014
Yes, I'll skip the vinaigrette, too, Pegeen!
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