I'm planning to make Porchetta with Roasted Fingerlings (http://tinyurl.com/porchettayummy) for my husband's birthday next week, but the average roast is almost 9 pounds. We can eat, but please suggest ways to reconstitute pork flavored with garlic, thyme and sage into something besides sandwiches. Thank you!



pierino December 21, 2010
Okay, I followed your link and I see it's an Anne Burrel recipe; a cook I hold in high esteem, more so now that I see she is using a picnic shoulder for the porchetta where others would use pork loin. My own preference in seasoning is heavy with fennel but rosemary and sage will be absolutely fine. But the white bean thing could be a successful aftermath.
pierino December 21, 2010
Butcher service is dead. But even those morons behind the meat counter can run a band saw through a primal cut. However, if you making a porchetta, like a real porchetta, it's true purpose in life is to be a sandwich. After that I would go with white beans and more sage over hot grilled bread drizzled with olive oil. There are only so many ways to take a pig to a party.
susan G. December 21, 2010
Even in a supermarket, you should be able to talk to someone, to order a smaller roast or have one cut smaller. Or is service dead?
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