Non-sweet sugar replacement in baking?

Long version: I grew up in a family of diabetics and pre-diabetics and, while the bad genes haven't hit me yet, I avoid the sweeter end of the spectrum when possible as a matter of preference/acquired taste. As it so happens, I also happen to love baking, which results in the following dilemma: most recipes have waaaaay too much sugar (at least, for my preferences).

My usual method for dealing with this has been slashing away increasing amounts of the sugar called for the recipe each time I make it until the end product goes terribly wrong and then sticking with the bare minimum from thereon out. Of course, sugar not only sweetens, but also absorbs moisture, caramelizes, affects the texture and volume, and all the other good stuff key to baking, and cutting the sugar takes a toll on those as well. I was curious if anyone here might have any tips for compensating for all those non-sweetening factors when reducing sugar in their recipes.


  • Posted by: Kazim
  • July 11, 2014
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1 Comment

ATG117 July 12, 2014
Unsweetened apple sauce usually works well, but it all depends on what type of baked good you're making. So dense cakes that are fruit based generally take well to this substitution in my limited experience. I've heard it works for oatmeal cookies too. Pureed dates also work in more applications, but they're not necessarily less sweet. Yogurt or a milk substitute might be options, too, but there will be necessary experimentation involved.
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