Can baking powder be subsititued with regular sugar to make powdered sugar?

Kennedy F Cason


BerryBaby June 2, 2017
One cup granulated sugar, one tablespoon corn starch, in food processor until powdered texture. I have made this and it's great. BB
BakerRB May 31, 2017
Corn starch (or tapioca starch) is the customary additive in powdered sugar. If you're making a substitute at home, though, you don't need to add anything, just process sugar until its powdery.
spiffypaws May 31, 2017
No. If you have a food processor or blender, throw gran sugar and blend/process till fine.
Nancy W. May 31, 2017
No. Powdered sugar is just very finely ground sugar.
BerryBaby June 2, 2017
I have made 'superfine' sugar like this but add corn starch to make it into powdered sugar.
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