How to whip cream in hot weather?

The cream won't thicken

  • Posted by: mano
  • July 16, 2014


realchef July 16, 2014
Get ice 1 quart cube crush them , put some salt , set in a bowl with 1 quart water , use second mixing bowl and whip the cream , this work in 100 degrees heat . if you leave it in the bowl it will freeze .
mt G. July 16, 2014
The chilled bowl and beaters should work, I
also like to whip the cream in advance, and put it in a sieve that fits over a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap until ready to use
creamtea July 16, 2014
I chill the bowl and beaters in the freezer and I shake the carton just before beating! I don't know exactly why I shake the carton, except that my mother does it too and I learned everything from her .....
BakerRB July 16, 2014
To keep the cream cold you can fill a baggie with ice and set the mixing bowl on it (if using hand mixer or whisk) or hold the baggie on the side of the bowl (stand mixer).
Lindsay-Jean H. July 16, 2014
There are some tricks in this article that might help:
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