Chuck tender roast dish ideas

Hello! I'm new here! :)

What kind of dish can I make with chuck tender roast? It's in 4 portions and has the price/lb. of $5.98..

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Susan W. July 16, 2014
I am not sure if it's what I buy, but my butcher cuts steak like slices from smaller chuck roasts. I cook them like any steak. They are fabulous. Maybe not as tender as a rib eye, but so full of flavor.They also sell a steak called a tender which I believe is part of the roast. Also so good.
CookieMK July 16, 2014
Just a little note, ok truth is I was tempted by the reduced price and felt now would be a great time to try this cut since Its a bit of a bargain price and if I ruin it it won't be so bad. :) Thought it was a good time to try it .
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