HELP! Still cooking a roast at 3:12am!

I made my roast prior to reading the recipe again. I mistakenly added my potatoes, onions and celery at the beginning:’( Boy, I wish you answered questions 24/7! Well anyway, I also added partially cooked carrots and halved mushrooms at hour 7. It’s now 2:37am, I’m tired and want to go to sleep.
IDEA 1: Should I just shut it off, let cool in the sinks/cold water then put it in the refrigerator! I tasted the liquid and boy is it fabulous! Even the soft and somewhat mushy potatoes are great! I don’t want to open it yet to try the roast until at least hour 8. I forgot, the roast is just shy of 5 pounds so I’m not sure it’ll be done.
If I don’t do idea 1, then what about
IDEA 2: after the cooling, I thought I would try to remove as many veggies as possible then refrigerate separately. Remove the liquid and chill this too (I have a good reason for this and explain in a second) check for tenderness and refrigerate the meat. Tomorrow, I’ll make my gravy separately, cut meat into serving size pieces and either warm up in the slow cooker or microwave ( I used a crock pot cooking bag for ease and cleanliness) and nuke the veggies. Then serve.
I also thought if the potatoes and onions are total mush I can serve it over some type of egg noodles! However it is, one thing everyone knows is it is the best tasting, tender chuck roast in the world!!!
IDEA 3: Your assistance..


  • Posted by: Diana
  • May 4, 2021


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