How would a mole inspired seasoning, designed for pork, work on lamb?

I'd planned grilling pork shoulder for tacos, then realized a guest doesn't eat pork, so I'm subbing in butterflied leg of lamb. I'd intended to rub the pork with Sally Schneider's Mole Inspired Seasoning from the Improvisational Cook: ancho chili powder, dark brown sugar, cinnamon cocoa, cumin, oregano. I already have a batch made up, but I'm not sure how this would taste on lamb, which seems gamier and less sweet than pork, to me. Thoughts?



boulangere April 24, 2011
I think it sounds fantastic. Do it and tell us how it was. And hold that mint jelly!
aargersi April 24, 2011
I think it sounds great!!! Go for it!
usuba D. April 24, 2011
Sounds good to me . . go for it!
Amanda H. April 23, 2011
Might be better with pork, but it should certainly work. Think of all the lamb curries and tagine there are -- a mole doesn't seem so far afield.
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