any suggestions for an easy dinner i can cook for the mrs??



aussiefoodie December 22, 2010
I'd recommend the sneaky spinach 'shrooms and bowties pasta dish by Mrs Wheelbarrow
nutcakes December 21, 2010
Happy coincidence you are also looking for this recipe. I thought it sounded particularly tasty. If you do a search of BBC Good Food you will see several versions
AntoniaJames December 21, 2010
nutcakes, thanks for the link to the chicken chasseur. Mr T mentioned the other night that he'd like to make (for me) chicken chasseur. Apparently it was something he made before he met me, 31 years ago. So the timing is perfect. Believe it or not, I can remember only one time in all those years that he has made dinner (a group effort with the boys when they were young. I was banished from the kitchen, on the grounds that I was just "too bossy.") ;o)
nutcakes December 21, 2010
Since you are in the UK, I'm going to link you to a good food site, BBC Good Food. Here is a one pot chicken chasseur. It is easy to put together. Although it takes time to braise in the oven, there is little active work time. Good luck, and you are sweet to make the effort.
beyondcelery December 21, 2010
Enchiladas are really easy, especially if you buy a pre-made sauce or sauce mix. You can assemble them casserole-style, layering the corn tortillas instead of rolling them. Fill them with seasoned black beans, cheese, spinach, and sautéed ground beef if desired. This recipe will give you the idea, though it's more extensive than you'll need if you assemble them casserole-style:
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