Chipped beef

My dad's birthday is this weekend and one of his favorite breakfasts is creamed dried beef on English muffins. My mom used to make it for him a lot but I've called around and can't seem to find chipped beef here or where my parents live (I'm in Chicago, they're in Hartford, CT). Does anyone know a source where I could get chipped beef by Friday or how to make it? Thank you in advance. It would be really great if I could make it exactly how my mom did.



MTMitchell July 22, 2014
Thank you all! I hadn't thought to check out the canned meat/ fish aisle. I never thought to look at where my mom got it, to be honest. I'll start there and will also check out online resources. This will really bring back some memories for my family, and my dad will definitely get a kick out of it. I appreciate the help.
Peggasus July 22, 2014
My dad loved it too, so do my kids! I just use the Buddig beef in the small packages: cut it up, saute in butter, stir in flour, then add milk, dash of worchestershire and hot sauce, over toasted white bread. Not gourmet by any means, but I only make it once or twice a year.
JOHN H. July 22, 2014
Try Stouffer's Creamed Chipped Beef in the frozen food isle. Not quite as good as scratch, but awfully close and fast & easy when you have that craving!
Maedl July 22, 2014
Creamed chip beef is one of those regional foods that went national. I believe it was originally from central Pennsylvania and caught on during WWII when it was served to GIs. You can find mass produced dried beef in supermarkets, but it isn't very good. I tried it once and never again. Yech!! Lucky for me, I have a friend who keeps me supplied--along with scrapple and sweet bologna, but if you don't have ties to the area, perhaps you could try mail ordering it from . I haven't tried their beef, but it has to be better than grocery store stuff
Susan W. July 22, 2014
I just walked over to Albertsons. Sam is right, it's called dried beef and it's near the tuna.
Sam1148 July 22, 2014
Are you looking the right places at the supermarket?

They are in the 'canned meat section' near the tuna and potted meat.
You might also be getting bad info for using the term "Chipped Beef" the person looking it up will use that term.
"Dried Beef"
Is the product.

To make it 'creamed' you fry that up with some onions. A pat or two of butter. And flour. (you're staring a cream sauce here). Then warm milk and stir it and let it thicken...finish with fine ground pepper. In this case the supermarket ground pepper is superior.

Note: dried beef is quite a bit more salty than what you remember. Avoid adding salt. But don't rinse it...I did that and it made it sucked out all the flavor into new print bland.

Look for Dried Beef. Instead of "Chipped Beef"
HalfPint July 22, 2014
Yes, and it's usually located near the Deviled Ham spread. Go figure...
MTMitchell July 22, 2014
And I will likely also pick up some deviled ham...more childhood memories....good tip about the salt, Sam. I remember the saltiness being part of its charm, but I think I could have been tempted to rinse it.
Susan W. July 21, 2014
My Dad used to make what he called SOS every Sunday. I loved it. He served it on white bread toast. Apparently, it was a common dinner that he was served while serving in the military during the Korean war. He upgraded it by making a cream sauce. I remember it had a lot of white pepper. So yummy!!
boulangere July 21, 2014
Oh, my, there's a trip down memory lane. Chipped beef on toast was one of my family's favorite comfort dinners when we were children. A quick Google search turns up that it is a Hormel product, commonly available at WalMart. I hope this helps you celebrate your dad's birthday.
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