Any tips for making beef bourguignon

It's my mum's birthday on Friday, second one in lockdown and I am cooking for her. I have decided to make beef bourguignon for the first time. Does anyone have any tips or a recipe they adore? What wine would you suggest to use?
I have seen a couple of recipes which add flour to beef before browning. Would you advise me to do this? I am going to serve it with mashed potato and green beans. Any nice ideas on how to present the dish to look nice?

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  • April 5, 2021


Happygoin April 6, 2021
I’ve always used Julia Child’s recipe, which as Nancy says, sautés the mushrooms and adds them at the end.

Not being a wine drinker, I’ve always gone with a nice Cotes du Rhone. $13-$15 per bottle and you’ll have great flavor.
Nancy April 6, 2021
Yes, Julia Child's is my go-to reliable recipe and occasionally I'll try another if there is a variation.
Happygoin April 6, 2021
I do too, Nancy. Sometimes I’ll add reconstituted porcini for a more rustic result. Cooking can be so whimsical :)
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
"Nest" not net.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
You could also make a small "net" of the mashed potatoes and then put the stew in the center. Then, poke the green beans partially under in one area so they are like a small clump. (If you think of a clock- put the beans at 1:00 or 2:00)
Nancy April 5, 2021
By its nature (pot of brown stew), this is not visually stunning.
A couple approaches can help make it look more interesting:
1) Keep the mushrooms out of the stew, slice or quarter them & saute. Then use them as a garnish.
2) Sprinkle top of stew with chopped fresh flat parsley.
3) Serve with slices of baguette. If you are serving individual bowls of stew, place a first slice on the top of each bowl, partly anchored in the stew and partly at an angle.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
Yes, yu need the flour. You are making a roux- which thickens the stew. And if you don't cook it per the recipe you end up with glop.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
Use this recipe it's THE BEST. then search beef stew with carrots. I like to use Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.
SNARF! Even the Boy Scouts hoarked it down while I was Grubmaster for the weekend. (Substituted beef broth for wine 'cuz the last thing you want is buzzed scouts.)😉
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