Any tips for making beef bourguignon

It's my mum's birthday on Friday, second one in lockdown and I am cooking for her. I have decided to make beef bourguignon for the first time. Does anyone have any tips or a recipe they adore? What wine would you suggest to use?
I have seen a couple of recipes which add flour to beef before browning. Would you advise me to do this? I am going to serve it with mashed potato and green beans. Any nice ideas on how to present the dish to look nice?

Emma Cochrane


Happygoin April 6, 2021
I’ve always used Julia Child’s recipe, which as Nancy says, sautés the mushrooms and adds them at the end.

Not being a wine drinker, I’ve always gone with a nice Cotes du Rhone. $13-$15 per bottle and you’ll have great flavor.
Nancy April 6, 2021
Yes, Julia Child's is my go-to reliable recipe and occasionally I'll try another if there is a variation.
Happygoin April 6, 2021
I do too, Nancy. Sometimes I’ll add reconstituted porcini for a more rustic result. Cooking can be so whimsical :)
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
"Nest" not net.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
You could also make a small "net" of the mashed potatoes and then put the stew in the center. Then, poke the green beans partially under in one area so they are like a small clump. (If you think of a clock- put the beans at 1:00 or 2:00)
Nancy April 5, 2021
By its nature (pot of brown stew), this is not visually stunning.
A couple approaches can help make it look more interesting:
1) Keep the mushrooms out of the stew, slice or quarter them & saute. Then use them as a garnish.
2) Sprinkle top of stew with chopped fresh flat parsley.
3) Serve with slices of baguette. If you are serving individual bowls of stew, place a first slice on the top of each bowl, partly anchored in the stew and partly at an angle.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
Yes, yu need the flour. You are making a roux- which thickens the stew. And if you don't cook it per the recipe you end up with glop.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2021
Use this recipe it's THE BEST. then search beef stew with carrots. I like to use Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.
SNARF! Even the Boy Scouts hoarked it down while I was Grubmaster for the weekend. (Substituted beef broth for wine 'cuz the last thing you want is buzzed scouts.)😉
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