If you had some bourbon that had been infused with fresh plums, what would you do with it?

Marian Bull


Pegeen July 26, 2014
p.s. Maybe in a marinade for flank steak or a pork tenderloin... I would need to think about it more but possibly take a good Asian marinade recipe, omit any hoisin or honey, substitute the plum bourbon.
Pegeen July 26, 2014
I second or third everyone above... thinking it would make an awesome hard sauce for a summery bread pudding containing plums and berries. (You don't have the plums that were used for the infusion?). Or drizzled over the perfect, very plain but very rich piece of chocolate pound cake. With that vanilla ice cream on the side.
Brady K. July 26, 2014
I'd pour it on some ice and call it a night! :)
Matt H. July 25, 2014
Two words -- "bourbon balls".
amysarah July 25, 2014
Maybe reduced with some sugar/lemon to make a sauce for a summer-ish bread pudding - studded with fresh berries, instead of raisins? Or just use it to make spritz with an orange slice. Or just drink it on the rocks. I love bourbon.
gwimper July 25, 2014
I would make it into ice cream, and maybe with a brown butter, cinnamon, chocolate, buttered nut or vanilla base. You can make crisps, pies, or bars using the plum bourbon. I would also use it as part of a glaze for ham. Mix the bourbon and some apricot jam…Good luck!
ChefJune July 26, 2014
Omigosh! It would be SO good as a glaze for ham!
ChefJune July 25, 2014
On the culinary end of things, you could reduce it down to a syrup and pour it over homemade vanilla or orange ice cream.
Michael H. July 25, 2014
That sounds like it's already going to be pretty complex, so I wouldn't dress it up much. You could go with a plum old fashion (hold the cherry and orange, but garnish with plum). If this concoction is sweet already, this will just amount to pouring it in a glass with ice and bitters. Or how about making a mint julep with it?
Marian B. July 25, 2014
Thanks, Michael! You're smart. I'll be buying some mint this weekend.
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