Infusing alcohol question for Kitchen Konfidence

I've heard freezing berries will break down the cell wall enough to bring about a better infusion than just plain fresh. You used heat, to accomplish the same thing. Interesting! My ? is: Lemon rind (for limoncello) I feel comfortable leaving on the counter. Water content low. Berries? Not so much. Safe? Or refridgerate?

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1 Comment

Kitchen K. August 8, 2012
Hi! That is an interesting point about the berries. Might be a great option during the months when berries are no longer in season!

You can leave infused alcohol at room temperature, but I've found that it goes bad faster. Any solids left in the alcohol will eventually break down (turn fuzzy) and have an adverse effect on the taste. You can leave the Blueberry Basil Infused Vodka on the counter, but I wouldn't do so for very long. Another option might be to strain through a coffee filter to remove any solids. But I never have the patience to strain something through a coffee filter.
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