Can egg yolks be frozen? If yes how?

I'm using a gluten free Angel Food Cake mix. It asks for 12 egg whites.

  • Posted by: irma
  • July 25, 2014


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boulangere July 25, 2014
However you decide to freeze them, be sure to whisk them first. The membrane surrounding them tends to dehydrate and toughen in the freezer, and results in clumps if you whisk them only after thawing them.
irma July 25, 2014
Diana B. July 25, 2014
Freeze individually in an ice-cube tray, then pop out and put in a freezer bag. When you thaw them, you may have to add a fresh yolk to get them to behave right.
irma July 25, 2014
Susan W. July 25, 2014
Yes you can freeze them could use them to make a lemon curd, or pastry cream to go with that cake. If you do freeze them, just decide in what quantities you will use them and portion them out into small containers or small freezer zip lock bags. They freeze very well.
irma July 25, 2014
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