How would I adjust this recipe for a convection oven?



ChefAndrea July 27, 2014
Yes, convection ovens run hotter. So if the oven temp should be 475 degrees, lower it on a convection oven to 450 or 425, and then check an oven thermometer just to be sure. Also, the fan running will dry out the surface of the meat faster than a regular oven. But in this recipe it is only at 475 for 15 mins and then lowered to 200 (175) for you. I think sometime during the 6 to 8 hours overnight in the oven it should be covered with tin foil or the pork may dry out too much, even though this is a pretty fatty cut. The vegetables in the pan may dry out. If I were doing this recipe in a convection oven I would put foil on around the 2 hour mark. Hope that helps.
bigpan July 26, 2014
Convection ovens often run about 25F hotter than a standard oven. Always a good idea to use an oven thermometer.
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