I acquired a fresh ham and there is no way I will cook the whole thing at once. I plan to carve out a 3-4 lb piece and cook it using this recipe....

...Opinions? Googling fresh ham vs Boston butt it sounds like I should use the fattier part of the ham and make sure to leave a decent fat layer on it. Any other suggestions? If it ends up more a slicing than shredded meat that is fine. I have made recipe twice with shoulder with good results



caninechef April 15, 2015
I cooked this 2 nights ago and reheated for dinner last night. Came out really well using the fresh ham. I used what I would say was the "top" section of the ham. Carved out about 4 lbs of the meat down to and including a layer of fat and connective tissue near the bone and left a good fatty layer on the top side. I probably could have cooked it more as it was not dry at all. Edges where shredding but interior sliced.
Merrill S. April 15, 2015
So glad to hear this!
caninechef April 13, 2015
Thanks for the reply, I will report back.
Merrill S. April 13, 2015
I would follow your inclination and use the fattier part. Hope it comes out nicely!
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