Veal substitute for pork butt in this recipe

Hi- I’d really like to make this but can’t eat pork- can I substitute a veal butt or breast, or other cut? I made it last year with beef shoulder at the butcher’s advice, but all I could taste was beef - would love to try with a more “neutral” meat. I appreciate your thoughts so much!

  • Posted by: Ellona
  • October 28, 2020


Happygoin October 28, 2020
You could try, but I think you may find veal too lean for this sort of preparation. I can’t actually think of another meat product that would work, other wild boar, which is just a pork product.
Ellona November 3, 2020
Happygoin, thanks so much for this feedback. Could it work if I did it for a shorter time rather than overnight? I’m looking for that delicious looking crust more than the falling apart tender quality of the meat- I’d be fine with a meat I would slice instead, maybe serve with a jus to add moistness... TIA!
Happygoin November 3, 2020
Sure, it could work just fine. Veal roasts cook in much less time than pork, so watch your time.
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