Whipping some cream but have no powdered sugar. Can I use simple syrup?

It is Monin Pure Cane Syrup. I just need some whipped cream for a peach cobbler. Will this be okay?

  • Posted by: Thistle
  • July 27, 2014


Celia July 28, 2014
When I was growing up my mother made whipped cream a lot and she always used granulated sugar. It always tasted great and had a good texture.
Sam1148 July 27, 2014
Do you have a mini-prep food processor? You can make powdered sugar from normal sugar in those--you can probably do it a full sized food processor if you need a few cups on hand.
You can also use a mortar and pestle to grind down sugar to powder dust.
(same for salt for popcorn).
Thistle July 27, 2014
Ooh, I will have to try my food processor on some coarse wet salt I have. Thank you!
Shuna L. July 27, 2014
If your Cane Syrup is thick, pour it into a little bowl and whisk some of your cream into it. When your whipped cream starts to gain volume, stream it in & continue whipping.

When we whip cream we are adding air, so adding super heavy, highly acidic ingredients can threaten collapsing the structure, or interfere with aeration. At best, the syrup might not fully incorporate, and you run the risk of over whipping the cream to marry them.
boulangere July 27, 2014
Thank you, Shuna. Lovely advice. Your confirmed my hunch that simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar by weight) is too high in water to function with whipped cream. I've always used 10X, but I look forward to trying cane syrup. Do you know if it is close to "syrop à trente?"
Thistle July 27, 2014
Thanks for your help. I ended up doing this (and adding some Cointreau) and it came out very nice (with powdered sugar) and book club was saved.
Thistle July 27, 2014
I meant withOUT powdered sugar, of course!
Thistle July 27, 2014
I meant withOUT powdered sugar, of course!
Susan W. July 28, 2014
I must have good whipped cream karma because I have never had a problem with using granulated sugar, powdered sugar or simple syrup.
Susan W. July 27, 2014
You can add it when the cream starts to thicken. It's granulated sugar that I add before it starts to thicken to be sure it dissolves.
boulangere July 27, 2014
The problem I have had with using granulated sugar is that it tends to pull all the water it can get its hands on in order to dissolve itself. Once done and it reaches its saturation point, it dumps the excess water, which is what ends up in the bottom of your mixing bowl. 10x, or powdered sugar includes corn starch as an anti-caking agent, which marries very well with water, and produces a more stable whipped cream over a longer period of time.
Susan W. July 27, 2014
I just went to amazon to check the ingredients and it was not clear to me. Is it just sugar and water or are there other ingredients?
Thistle July 27, 2014
Oh you are kind! Yes, just sugar and water. So I should add it right before the cream begins to thicken?
Susan W. July 27, 2014
I am not familiar with that product, but I have used my own simple syrup to sweeten whipped cream. I also almost always use granulated sugar with no issues. I add it before the cream starts to thicken.
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