wonton wrappers same as eggroll wrappers?

Making beet ravioli, trying to save time by not making the pasta. Are wonton wrappers same as eggroll wrappers? Produce guy is telling me they are but not that I don't trust my produce guy I just trust you guys more.

Lucia from Madison


Lucia F. August 3, 2014
Just so everyone knows I ended up using the egg roll wrappers for... Egg Rolls! Home made Egg Rolls! Delicious!
ChefJune August 4, 2014
mmmm Lucia from Madison! I hope you'll post your recipe.
mixter August 3, 2014
I am with you, Chef June. They are a poor substitute.
ChefJune July 31, 2014
Wonton wrappers and egg roll wrappers are made of the same "stuff," but the wonton wrappers are smaller. I know lots of folks use them instead of making the ravioli (or kreplach) dough, but I don't like them as a sub for either...
George H. July 31, 2014
Lucia F. July 28, 2014
Yes I opted to put off the construction of the ravioli until I can make the pasta.
But can I freeze the filling. It has an egg yolk in it and homemade ricotta cheese?
Meaghan F. July 28, 2014
Definitely - I've frozen a ricotta/spinach mix for stuffed shells many a time.
Meaghan F. July 28, 2014
Well wonton wrappers won't give you quite the same result as homemade pasta, but I can definitely relate to the urge to trim a few corners!! That said, I believe egg roll wrappers and wonton wrappers are "close enough for government work," as they say, other than the obvious size difference.
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