A question for vegan bakers: Substituting yogurt

A friend would like to make my Everything Carrot Cake (on Food52 here: https://food52.com/recipes...), but for a vegan audience. She would need to substitute the 3/4 cup yogurt for something else. I know that baking substitutions can be tricky, but is there an easy solution here?

Cristina Sciarra


Elisabeth August 9, 2014
Mashed banana or coconut milk mixed with a little lemon juice works pretty well. For the frosting, you could make a delicious cashew cream frosting instead of using the mascarpone one (which is not vegan). Simply soak some cashews in some water for a couple hours. Drain and rinse them; blend them with a slightly lesser amount of water, a splash of vanilla extract, and a few tbsp. of maple syrup till smooth and creamy. For extra tastiness, add in some coconut butter (this is not the same as the oil). Enjoy!
Cristina S. July 30, 2014
Thanks, all! I appreciate the answers.
sdebrango July 29, 2014
I would add crushed pineapple instead of the yogurt, drained of its juices. I always add pineapple to carrot cake. It's wonderful.
Piloncillo&Vainilla July 29, 2014
I have used almond, coconut or soy yogurt. It works well as long as the recipe calls for it.
strawberrygirl July 29, 2014
The simplest solution would be soy yogurt if you can find it, or even soy sour cream. Another option that I've heard of but haven't personally tried is silken tofu blended with a bit of lemon juice (around 2 tbsp per cup) for acidity.
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