When baking bread, what is a good substitute for egg wash?

I am baking bread for a friend who is vegan. Are there any substitutes for egg wash for a loaf of bread I'm making that would otherwise be vegan?



Elaine R. August 29, 2012
I like the corn starch and water wash - used often on rye bread. I also like brushing Ina little cream, depending on the type of bread or rolls being made.
minibakersupreme August 28, 2012
Thanks! You guys are awesome.
RobertaJ August 28, 2012
Another good option is some cornstarch mixed with water. Not thick like a slurry used to thicken sauces, you want it fairly thin.
ChefJune August 28, 2012
If you wanted a tasteless glaze, you could make a simple syrup with organic vegan sugar and water.
minibakersupreme August 28, 2012
Thanks, both of you! I know water is supposed to give a shiny crust when you make milk rolls, but I'm going to steam the oven anyway. I made Swedish Limpa last week and the crust glaze for that was molasses- so tasty! Thanks for the suggestions.
Kitchen B. August 28, 2012
I'm responding on the premise you're looking for a crust glaze! Based on this, I would go with some combination of milk (nut milks/soy milk) and maple syrup or malt syrup (but I'm not vegan).
HalfPint August 28, 2012
Maybe you can leave off the wash and just dust with flour or wheat bran, oats or any seed. Brush the loaf with water to get the stuff to adhere to it.
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