How would I use a pork shank

I got some pork shanks from work but I don't know how to use them

Matt Wheelock


Matt W. August 1, 2014
The recipe turned out great
trampledbygeese July 31, 2014
I've never tried pork shank before, but I adore pork hocks. Very similar cuts, so I bet they could be used interchangeably.

My favourite method for hocks is to boil with onions, carrots, spices and a generous amount of salt for about an hour. Then place them in the oven at about 400F until the skin is crunchy. If the hocks are smaller, then lower temp for longer so not to burn the meat.

I bet it would be delicious brined like a ham then baked.

Or perhaps beans. Pork and beans go awesome together. Just add it to the bean pot with the (pre soaked) beans, some veg and spices - bring to a vigorous boil then cook low and slow for a few hours until the beans are buttery soft. Skim off any scum. Either tear the meat from the bone at the end, or even better, serve the shanks bone on, on top of a plate of beans.

Let us know what you do. Also there are some great ideas on here: and ideas for hocks here:
Matt W. July 31, 2014
I think I am going to try this recipe I found online by Tim Love
My only issue is that they are all different sizes so that may be harder to cook so I will just have to watch it.
trampledbygeese July 31, 2014
yummy choice. Let us know how it turns out.
irina July 31, 2014
Stinco. Braised pork shanks. Cook as you would any other meat braise, lamb shank, osso buco etc.
inpatskitchen July 31, 2014
A slow braise is the way to go.....this recipes really caught my eye:
Matt W. July 31, 2014
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