Pork loin. How to tenderize pork lion

I have a pork loin that I cut up into slices for sandwiches. Unfortunately the loin is very tough. I have soaked them in pineapple juice to hopefully help. But they are still very tough. I have tried soaking them in orange juice. Unfortunately this method has not worked. Don't know if it is just a very tough pork loin. Hopefully there is another way of saving the pork loin. Or is there another way of using very tough pork loin?
I have not tried a meat tenderizer other than orange and pineapple juice. Is their any other suggestions I can use? Or am just just stuck with a very tough pork loin. Thank you..

  • Posted by: Skolle
  • December 3, 2022


MMH December 3, 2022
Next time around, a pork loin is a good candidate for a brine.
702551 December 3, 2022
While no photo was provided, it sounds like the meat was overcooked. There is nothing that will tenderize it at this point. In fact, there is little anyone can do to any overcooked meat (pork loin or other) to tenderize it.

An easy course of action would be to chop this meat up and use as a taco filling.

Best of luck.
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