I have a bag of sun-dried figs- do you think they would work in place of fresh?



Pat H. August 3, 2014
Thanks everyone! I used the dried figs first time around with a decreased amount of honey and increased the amount of rosemary and vinegar. Ok, but not great...for the second tart, I decreased the figs and sliced them fairly thin,I increased the blue cheese, added pignoli nuts, and some dried porcini mushrooms that I marinated with the rosemary in the honey vinegar. Definitely heading in the right direction!
Once my fig tree recovers from the harsh winter we had in New Jersey I will try the fresh figs !
ATG117 August 3, 2014
If I were using fresh figs, I would add them towards the end of the baking time, just enough time for them to heat through. My other thought is that you can make a fig jam and add the balsamic and rosemary to that. But in both cases, you will be changing the recipe.
Pegeen August 1, 2014
I agree with ChefJune... the dried figs can work but won't offer the same taste as fresh figs. Although I bet the taste will be delicious. One comparison is to compare eating a dried peach slice that has been rehydrated vs. a fresh peach. Still good... but distant cousins.
ChefJune August 1, 2014
Unless they're "very" dried, I think they'd be okay. pegeen's subbestion of soaking them was one I'd also thought of... But your end result will be quite different than if you use fresh figs.
Pegeen August 1, 2014
I would try them. If they're very dried, you might want to soak them in some warm water to plump them up (then pat dry) before putting them on the tart.
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