How is the bacon used in this recipe?

Do you just lay the uncooked bacon on the figs and cheese? Or better to cook bacon separately and crumble on top when Tarte is done?

susan carson


702551 August 29, 2022
Consider serving the crumbled bacon bits aside as an optional condiment.

This dish already has a lot of flavors going on. I'm wary about adding the smoky assertiveness of American bacon. Knowing my own taste buds, I would likely prefer this dish without bacon but I know a lot of people love flavor carnivals (I don't count myself amongst them).

Depending on your dinner table guests, some might be like me. By keeping the bacon as an optional condiment, you can let them decide their preference. Naturally withholding the bacon also keeps this pseudo vegetarian.
702551 August 29, 2022
I see no explicit mention of bacon in the ingredient list nor directions.

There is a mention of pancetta and prosciutto in the headnote. Normally (like at a restaurant) paper thin slices of these would be laid on after baking. As cured meats they don't need to cooked and the heat from the tart (or commonly pizza) would be enough to warm up the fat to soften it.

American bacon is typically sliced too thick for this approach. Uncooked slices of American bacon are edible, just unpleasantly chewy.

So in the end, it's your call if you want to add American bacon to this dish. I'd lean toward Italian pancetta which is unsmoked. Almost all American bacon is smoked which often has a domineering flavor profile that drowns out everything else.

But it's your taste buds, your dinner guests, your call.

Best of luck.
susan C. August 29, 2022
Thanks for the quick response, especially since I am cooking this tonight! Yes, I saw no mention of bacon but that's what I have so it was on my mind. Sounds like if I use it, it would be best to pre-cook and then crumble. I understand how paper-thin prosciutto or pancetta would be preferable and only need to be laid on top post-baking. Will try that next time when pantry is better stocked!
Phyllis G. August 29, 2022
I agree with the very thorough response above. You can drape very thinly sliced prosciutto over the top of the tart either at the end or add it about halfway through the cooking process. It's nice crispy or soft. But bacon wouldn't work because it wouldn't cook enough. But you could cook bacon separately and crumble it over the top if you want that texture and flavor.
susan C. August 30, 2022
I made the recipe last night without bacon and flavors were incredible! It's now going on repeat for fig season. Only issue was the puff pastry dough wasn't as firm as it should have been. Perhaps because I used a Silpat to line the pan? Or maybe too heavy handed with the honey and reduced vinegar that made dough a bit ‘soggy’?
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