What are some good picnic recipes served cold

  • Posted by: yo
  • August 1, 2014


bigpan August 2, 2014
Day old fried chicken (from the fridge, of course) - preferably drumsticks. Good for kids of all ages.
trampledbygeese August 2, 2014
My absolute favourite picnic meal is an exceptionally good loaf of bread, a couple of real cheeses, roast or deli meats, some fruit, and (if no-one's driving) a bottle of good wine are my personal favorite picnic foods. Simple, good quality ingredients like these make the best condiment to a walk in the park.

Another option, if you like Japanese food, have a search of Bento recipes. There are usually intensely flavourful foods that are traditionally served at room temp. Just Bento book and website is my favorite, but you would need to scale up the recipes to feed a crowd. Cooking With Dog youtube series has some good recipes too, her potato salad is easy to scale up and goes over well, even with people who are usually dedicated to hating potato salad.
Patti I. August 2, 2014
Chicken salad stuffed french bread slices. Hollow out a crusty loaf of french bread cut into 4 inch shunks. Butter inside of the bread. Stuff with your favorite chicken salad. (it is better for the chicken to be shreaded than really chunky.) Chill, then slice into 1 inch slices to serve.
inpatskitchen August 2, 2014
Food52 recently had a contest for Your Best Picnic Recipes. Many ideas here:
ChefJune August 2, 2014
My personal favorite is cold roast chicken (that you've made yourself, of course). Here is my foolproof recipe. https://food52.com/recipes/3401-perfect-roast-chicken
Nancy August 2, 2014
Spinach Pie! eggs and spinach plus two cheeses in a beautiful double-crust pie. aka torta pasqualina from what some Italians serve at Easter. There's a great recipe by Anita Sheldon reprinter in Hesser 2010 essential NYT cookbook, but many more around.
Susan W. August 2, 2014
Yum Nancy. I want to picnic with you!
CanadaDan August 1, 2014
I always make gazpacho for picnics. It's cold, can be made the day before and gets better with time. And fun to share out of one Tupperware.
Susan W. August 2, 2014
Great idea Daniel. I love a good gazpacho.
Sam1148 August 1, 2014
One 'go to' is a lima bean salad.
The night before defrost a bag of baby limas. Not to really cook them you want some 'tooth' to them.
Make a dressing of lemon, juice, olive oil, oregano, garlic. Salt and Pepper.
Dress the lima beans and put in the fridge over night.
Before you pack it up put in crumbled feta cheese, diced tomatoes, and chopped parsley.
ChefJune August 2, 2014
Sam, that would go great with my roast chicken! ;)
Susan W. August 1, 2014
I personally need more info. Are you wooing someone? Have you never been on a picnic? Are you a meat eater or looking for vegetarian or vegan recipes?
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