Lemon Pie -- serve hot, cold or at room temp?

Blissful Baker


Blissful B. January 24, 2011
Room temperature it is! Thanks everyone. And for the last piece of pie, I think I'll try it warm like Amanda did, just for fun.
Kayb January 24, 2011
Depends. Is it a lemon custard pie, or a lemon icebox pie? If the latter, cold; if the former, room temp.
latoscana January 24, 2011
If the flavors are as tangy as lemon should be, your guests will get the fullest taste experience at room temperature.
Allycakes January 24, 2011
room temperature!
Amanda H. January 24, 2011
I usually do room temp but this weekend I served a lemon tart warm and it was really great. Definitely not cold tho!
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