Why don't vegans eat sugar or do they eat sugar



Lizabeth September 9, 2014
It depends on the vegan, some are more strict than others. As everyone has been saying, cane sugar is filtered though animal bone char. Organic cane sugar goes through a different filtration process that doesn't require the char, as does beet sugar (which is supposedly lower quality).
Elisabeth August 9, 2014
Vegans don't eat white sugar like the Domino kind you find at the grocery store because it is refined with animal bone char for the purpose of making the sugar look whiter. However, vegans eat raw/unbleached sugar (it looks and tastes a bit more like brown sugar) in addition to liquid sweeteners like maple syrup and molasses (which is, surprisingly, a great source of iron and magnesium!) You can easily find these at your typical grocery store.
Diana B. August 9, 2014
Look at the "avoidance" section here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veganism#Avoidance
Susan W. August 9, 2014
I was going to reply that I thought sugar is vegan, but not so. According to Google, regular table sugar is filtered through animal bone char. I had no idea. Unbleached sugar is not and either is evaporated cane juice.
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