Best-by vs. expiration dates

Lots of Hotline questions ask about expiration dates, which are mostly unregulated and often have nothing to do with food safety. Today's San Francisco Chronicle has a story about California's efforts to bring some order to the system and to cut food waste. I thought Food52ers might like to check it out



Smaug March 23, 2016
Nice to see the Chron Food section come up with an article with some substance. Once an outstanding section, it has degenerated into a lot of puff pieces about restaurants and wineries and random reprints from blogs. I hope some of it's former writers have landed somewhere good.
Greenstuff March 23, 2016
You're certainly right about the demise of the Chronicle's food section. But in this case, the article, written by food writer Tara Duggan, ran on the front page.
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