Wondering if crab apples can be used in cooking?



ChezHenry August 20, 2014
The key ingredient in most high end hard ciders, particularly French and British ciders, are a variety of crab apples. Beware of their astringency, but through experimentation on the variety you have access to, you can figure out the levels of sugar you'll need to make them palatable. I'd do like the cider makers do, and mix in some regular apples to whatever you're making.
monica_m August 14, 2014
Mexican ponche - hot christmas punch, kind of like cider, often calls for tejocotes (mexican hawthorne). Crabapples are the perfect substitution in those delicious drink recipes.
Patti I. August 14, 2014
Mama used to make the best sweet and spiced pickled crab apples from our trees at home. They were delicious. Saw a bunch of recipes at cooks.com and food.com. Find one that meets your taste! I don't have Mama's recipe to share.
cookbookchick August 13, 2014
I made crabapple jelly last fall with the tiny apples from my own tree -- added white wine, too. Tedious but worth the work.
trampledbygeese August 13, 2014
They make excellent apple cider, or as they call it South of the Border: Hard Apple Cider. Also fantastic apple mead.

In the old cookbooks (pre 1920s) there are quite a few recipes for crabapples, but they all involve cooking them a long time, like for jellies, chutneys, &c. I'm guessing it's something to do with texture, taste or digestion - not certain which, can't wait to find out.
JanetFL August 13, 2014
I was given a jar of homemade crab apple jelly last year....it was delicious!
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