A question about a recipe: Salmon Mousse

I have a question about the recipe "Salmon Mousse" from Lizthechef. Can you freeze leftovers with gelatin?

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Salmon Mousse
Recipe question for: Salmon Mousse


Susan W. August 16, 2014
This is an almost exact replica of a Silver Palate salmon mousse recipe from the early 80's. I think I remember freezing it successfully. Racking my brain. I usually write such things in the margin, but in this case I didn't. As far as fixing it, you could try adding gelatin and water or just use it as a dip? Let us all know how it goes.
Susan W. August 16, 2014
Just found my notes at the back of theccookbook. It says "freezes well". Did you already freeze and defrost it and it didn't work?
sandy S. August 16, 2014
Yes, with gelatin, flavor is fine but texture a bit grainy, I will try reheating & adding butter, more cream cheese & use as dip thx for your help :)
Lizthechef August 16, 2014
I wouldn't.
sandy S. August 16, 2014
Since I made it with shrimp & did freeze it, can I fix the texture as the flavor is still fine?
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