I'm attending the Dîner en Blanc NYC, any suggestions for elegant meals that travel well? I have a few ideas but I would love some suggestions.

Looking for dishes that travels well at room temp as it would be easier to transport sans cooler. We gotta carry everything soooo yeah. Tapas/antipasto is covered, looking for meal options besides a standard pasta dish. Dessert options welcomed!



KitchVega August 20, 2014
Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm a bit worried about transporting cold proteins because one of my guests is pregnant and I don't want her to get sick. We are bringing a charcuterie and cheese plate. A cold pesto and roast tomato pasta salad. I'm loving the roast veggies idea, maybe salad, and we are bring a couple of fabulous stuffed cupcakes for dessert. I would love to do the cold fried chicken but I'm a mess and don't want to get grease all over my dress! Thanks!!!!
Susan W. August 20, 2014
Let us know what you decide on. I love hearing about others menus for Diner En Blanc.
ATG117 August 17, 2014
I think it would be lovely to take a market driven approach. You could roast a bunch of vegetables and then toss them with an herb puree and a splash of vinegar and olive oil, and serve at room temp. It would go well with any protein you choose. All you'd need is some crusty bread and dessert. A chocolate torte would be perfectly decadent, and it transports well.
Susan W. August 17, 2014
I went to the one in Portland and we did duck rillette, tuna AND beef tartare, baguettes, champagne and a local Pinot. We had a strawberry boccone dolce for dessert. Heavenly meal and setting.
Susan W. August 17, 2014
I know you said apps are covered, but we had a nice charcuterie plate.
KitchVega August 20, 2014
Oh wow!!!!! I would do all of that!
Sam1148 August 17, 2014
Are you looking for main courses? And what type of things are you using to transport..you can get heat/cold bags at supermarkets and use rubber bands to transport a main dish. Personally, I'd go for Cold Fried Chicken. Make it the night before and wrap it in parchment and shop towels and some cold packs with rubber bands around it...it should be good for a couple of hours or more that way.
KitchVega August 20, 2014
My best friend is prego so I think we are gonna pass on cold proteins just in case! But it sounds delicious!
Sam1148 August 17, 2014
Here's one of my standard "No fridge needed for a few hours" picnic dishes.
The Night Before:
Defrost a bag or two of baby lima beans..just cook them slightly in the microwave..not mush just al dente.
Half some cherry tomatoes, chop some green onions.
Make a Dressing:
A greek type dressing of lemon juice, fresh oragano, garlic, olive oil, salt pepper.
Dress the Bean mix and put in the fridge overnight.
Right before packing it up for transport add lots of crumbled feta cheese, and chopped parsley...Adjust salt and pepper...and adjust acid balance with more lemon juice and/or oil.
Nancy August 17, 2014
Dessert option. please meet Pavlova. For topping, be inventive or see what market holds - white peaches, other actual or named white fruit, crumbled whitish nuts, flavored confectioner's sugar.
Nancy August 17, 2014
another meringue idea - white macarons with vanilla or almond butter cream.
KitchVega August 20, 2014
I would do this but I gotta transport everything! I could see powdered sugar covering everything!
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