When cooking with Thyme what kind of flavor does it have? I'm thinking of what it might do for spaghetti sauce.

  • Posted by: Tami
  • August 23, 2014


cookbookchick August 24, 2014
I've been making "Mario's Secret Sauce"
for years, since before Mario Batali became a familiar name. It's a delicious quick tomato sauce and yes, it calls for thyme. Try Googling it.
lem M. August 24, 2014
I do agree, that thyme adds a depth of flavour to tomato sauces, especially those with meat. for a basic “italian seasoning” for such a sauce I love to add a mix of oregano, thyme, rosemary, a bit of sage, and sometimes fennel seeds.
Tami August 23, 2014
Wow so I guess this isn't something foreign and I should give it a try. I think what I will do is put it in a small batch to get the feel for it and what the family thinks. Thank you again!
Merrill S. August 23, 2014
I always put fresh thyme in meat sauce for pasta and love the depth of flavor it adds.
Tami August 23, 2014
Thank you very interesting. I like his cooking and recipes. Maybe in a small batch out of curiosity now lol
Susan W. August 23, 2014
Now you have to come back and let us know how it turned out. :)
Tami August 23, 2014
Yes she does lol and I can see it in ratatouille if it has about of a woody taste but the sauce thing really threw me off. Thank you so so much .
Megan August 23, 2014
I had never put thyme in a tomato sauce for pasta either, but recently we tried Mario Batali's basic tomato sauce which involved quite a bit of thyme and I have to say, it was very tasty. The basic sauce was used to make bucatini all'amatriciana, but it was also quite good on it's own. We used fresh thyme in that recipe. Woody is a good description. I'd say give it a try!
Tami August 23, 2014
Thank you so much . I was thinking dried and had see it on the cooking show "pioneer woman". Seemed odd to me too for sauce. I'm use to basil , parsley and oregano myself .
Appreciate the help!
Susan W. August 23, 2014
She does some strange things to food. I used fresh thyme and fresh basil in some ratatouille that I made the other day. It turned out really good.
Susan W. August 23, 2014
Woody is a good description. Is it fresh or dried? Thyme goes really well with roasted chicken, lemon, garlic. I can't really picture it in spaghetti, but that is a personal choice. You may love it.
JohnL August 24, 2014
I remember how delicious the spaghetti & meatball recipe was in the Chez Panisse Pasta cookbook. And it included 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme in the meatballs. It goes very well with the oregano in the fresh tomato sauce.
CanadaDan August 23, 2014
Woody is that makes sense. Great with pork, apples and other fruity flavours. I don't normally put it in my tomato or bolognese but I've seen recipes that call for it. I'm more of an oregano guy for Italian recipes
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