I made spaghetti but i added too much salt in it, how do i cover it up?

I already cooked my spaghetti, urgent help

  • Posted by: Esha
  • December 18, 2018


Smaug February 20, 2019
Fortunately (and improbably) salt is today's leading food fad. Call it "Spaghet' au Sel" or some such nonsense and say you got the recipe from a famous chef and people may convince themselves that they like it. But seriously (yes, folks, this stuff is comedy. Sort of.) if the salt is just on the spaghetti you could either rinse it off or make a new batch. If it's in the sauce, above mentioned remedies are probably the best you can do.
Nancy December 18, 2018
Whether it can be saved depends on how much extra salt was added.
If large amount, the spaghetti will be untasty & hard to fix/make edible.
If small to medium amounts, there are some techniques...
1a) Make another batch, same size, with no salt, then mix the 2 batches.
1b) Add another cooked starch, like potatoes or rice, to absorb some of the salty taste.
2a) Make everything else you would serve on the spaghetti without salt...tomato sauce etc. Omit or reduce cheese and processed meat (which are both heavy on salt).
2b) Make a no-salt cream based sauce (dairy absorbs some of the salt).
For futures: remember how this happened, and use less salt in preparing the pasta. Also, add salt in moderate amounts and taste as you go.
If all fails, it's a relatively inexpensive mistake.
Hope you can fix it.
Nancy February 20, 2019
Just had a similar problem (too much salt) with a sauce for roasted cauliflower, which I made for the first time.
Steamed some root veg (had potatoes and sweet potatoes on hand), added to the original and they helped diffuse the too-strong salt taste.
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