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I kept my newly purchased vanilla extract in chiller box. Just realised extract should not be refrigerated. Will the extract change if I keep it in a cool dry place now due to temperature condensation?


asked by Ivie T over 2 years ago
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Susan W

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added over 2 years ago

It doesn't hurt it to refrigerate it. It can make it cloudy. It also won't hurt it to take it out of the refrigerator. I keep mine in the hall pantry where it is cool and dark.

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added over 2 years ago

Don't really know the answer but I would just move it into the pantry after letting it come to room temperature. Others will likely chime in!

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added over 2 years ago

I don't think it will hurt it, but I'd start keeping it in a cool pantry or cupboard shelf. Matt Nielsen is on Facebook. You can ask him yourself, if you'd like.

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added over 2 years ago

Thanks all! Was very helpful. I've just started baking and loving it!