I have about half of a 4oz. bottle of Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla bean paste that I didn't use in time , and it has dried up. I know, shame on me. I



702551 August 10, 2015
If you look at the label, the second ingredient listed is water. I'd just use that although vodka is mostly water too.
sonya August 10, 2015
I've never tried this, but I have made vanilla extract many many times, and actually am just working my way through my first bottle of the vanilla bean paste, so I think this would work... I would add a little bit of vodka to the bottle, just enough to get it back to a liquid state, and give it a shake a few times a day, and I think it would work great! Ah, just read below about the microwave suggestion, good to know not to do that - lol. I also never would have thought that it could dry up so thank-you for sharing that! No shame though, seriously!
Peggasus July 7, 2015
I decided to try the microwave technique first, so I put it in some warm water in a measuring cup. It boiled up all over the bottle, so now I have some nice crunchy vanilla bits, I guess. Next time I'll try the vodka method, though I usually prefer to drink my vodka. Thanks for the advice, I have learned something here!
Nancy July 7, 2015
agree with Cynthia on the vodka, which will of course give the most neutral vehicle for the vanilla. but if you have other spirits around and like their taste, brandy, rum, dry liqueur goes well with vanilla.
ChefJune July 6, 2015
I'm sure it can be rejuvenated. I would contact the company on their web site and ask. I know the family and they are extremely lovely and ready to help.
Stephanie G. July 6, 2015
The same thing happened to me and I microwaved it with good results.

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boulangere July 6, 2015
Fill it up with vodka, then shake it often. It should begin to reconstitute.
Peggasus July 6, 2015
...Is there anything I can do to reconstitute it?
paula July 6, 2015
Maybe treat it like a solid block of brown sugar and heat it a little bit in the microwave? Or, float the jar in hot water?
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