I have a bumper crop of lemon balm. What should I do with it?

Looking for fresh ideas other than iced tea and pesto. Thanks!

Nina Lombardo


Patricia August 27, 2014
I have too much lemon balm this year as well. & just came across a recipe for lemon balm jelly, basically a mint jelly that substitutes lemon balm.
Nina L. August 26, 2014
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas...I'm off to my garden and then into my kitchen!
Greenstuff August 26, 2014
Lemon balm makes a delicious liqueur.

And here are some more ideas in a great write-up from the Herb Society of America:
PazzoNico August 26, 2014
Limoncello would be awesome with lemon balm. Just add a huge handful in along with the lemon peels during the infusion stage.

Sorbet/gelato/ice cream.

I would also make an infused oil to use for..anything; drizzle on fish or chicken, vinaigrettes/aioli, finishing a pasta dish, etc.
Sam1148 August 26, 2014
Make up a recipe and print it out. Could be anything from ice tea to pesto. Bag that up and take it to your local fire station with all the other ingredients for them to use.
lem M. August 26, 2014
make lemon balm sugar by roughly chopping and then grinding down the leaves and sugar with mortar and pestle. the sugar will soak up essential oils and preserve their fragrance: sprinkle it on any fruit platter (I especially love it with strawberries) to elevate it, or use it in desserts like panna cotta to give them an unusual flavour.
Meaghan F. August 25, 2014
Make some infused simple syrup, it's versatile and will keep forever.
HalfPint August 25, 2014
Also, cocktails, http://cocktails.about.com/od/mixology/ig/Herbs-and-Spices-in-Mixology/Lemon-Balm-in-Cocktails.htm
HalfPint August 25, 2014
I usually have lemon balm as part of a Vietnamese salad plate in which there would be lettuce leaves, fresh herbs (like mint, basil, cilantro), slice cucumbers, and maybe cooked rice vermicelli. You just take the herb leaves, some cukes, noodles, & any grilled meats, wrap it all up in a lettuce leaf and dip into nuoc cham or a peanut sauce.

I also add a few leaves to bun rieu cau, http://amandare.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/bun-rieu-cua-vietnamese-tomato-crab-noodle-soup/
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