What to do with very very macerated strawberries?

I prepped 4 1/2 cups of strawberries with 2 1/3 cups sugar on Wed. I had been planning on making jam the next day, but there was a family emergency and I haven't gotten around to it. The strawberries are still sitting with sugar in the fridge. What can I do with them now?



bigpan August 26, 2014
Freeze and use for any of the above year 'round.
CookOnTheFly August 26, 2014
Daiquiris! Or smoothies.
melissav August 25, 2014

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PazzoNico August 25, 2014
Ice cream or pancake/waffle topping.

But I don't see any reason you couldn't proceed with your jam recipe. Or go in the chutney direction.
Susan W. August 25, 2014
Smoothies and/or milkshakes. Also freeze in small containers or bags for later. It would make a lovely topping for angel food cake or shortcakes.
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