how much sugar should I use in the crust

I am just starting the endeavour of making this tart (Strawberry-Mascarpone, and realize there is no mention of sugar in the ingredients list, but it is there in the first line of the instructions. Can anyone tell me what amount of sugar I should use? I'm not very experienced in the crust making department and really want this to go well - now that it is started.



jamcook March 12, 2014
A small amount of sugar in a crust,as little as a teaspoon, helps it to brown nicely in the oven.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 12, 2014
I hope it turned out alright! It's likely a very small amount of sugar -- for example, Amanda's peach tart ( uses 1 t of sugar in the crust.

And for future reference, you can also send a message to the recipe author by clicking the envelope button on their profile page ( to ask for clarification, since they don't always see comments or questions on a recipe.
lsgerman March 12, 2014
Yes, I think it turned out alright. It looks good. I did search around Food 52 and saw that the amount of sugar usually used in a crust (if any) was 1 T. So that is what I used. If anyone knows the reason for the sugar in a pie crust, it would be good to know.

Thanks for the tip about reaching out to the recipe author (with the envelop icon). I will try that next time. They propably weren't checking for comments since the recipe was posted so long ago, and they hadn't responded to earlier inquiries. I will go back to the recipe and do this so they can update the recipe.
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