What to do with dead lobster heads?

I just cooked live lobster for the first time this morning-butter poached tail and claws. I saved the heads in the fridge (which are split now) in ziplock bag bc I thought I could use it for stock for bisque. Is it still safe to cook? It's been dead for at least 8 hrs and the lobster legs are still attached. Do I have to remove the insides too?

  • Posted by: x3linda
  • August 30, 2014


steven September 1, 2014
I'd throw them in the freezer, save them for the next time you want to make lobster bisque. The smell of boiling lobster stock can be alot to take, but the finished product is worth it.
bigpan August 31, 2014
You can make lobster oil with a wonderful color - put shell pieces into a jar of light olive oil or grape seed and let sit for a week or two. If you want a deeper orange color, add a bit of carrot juice.
Serve with a lemon flavored balsamic for a bread dip .
Yum !
PazzoNico August 31, 2014
You could also make lobster butter; dry the shells in a low temp. oven for about 10 minutes, crush them as finely as possible with a mallet or rolling pin, simmer very gently with butter (over a double-boiler; don't let the butter boil) for about 10-20 minutes, and then allow to steep for about 20 minutes off the heat and strain.
Pegeen August 30, 2014
Simmer them for fish broth, adding vegetables if you like - celery, onion, carrot, etc.
More than a few hours old... fishing bait.
aargersi August 30, 2014
This seems tailor made for you!

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