Bread recipe with potato flour - but I used potato starch

I've started making this roasted potato breadfrom the latest Bon Appetit today (
The dough is now in the fridge for its overnight chill. Unfortunately I've just realized that I used potato starch instead of potato flour. The dough didn't seem to bad, just a bit stickier than the recipe described. Any thoughts on how I can rescue it before the second rise & bake tomorrow? As it's only 80g potato flour out of 500g wheat flour, I'm hoping it might come out anyway.



Claudia R. September 8, 2014
It's surprisingly difficult to find real potato flour these days. Good luck!
Susan W. September 8, 2014
Not sure where you are, but Bob's Red Mill carries the real thing.
Susan W. September 8, 2014
They are different, but you may luck out. Starch is much lighter with no flavor. Flour is heavy and very potato-y. I don't know that you can add anything to save it, but I would just carry on.
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