How is this cake decorated? I love the banners and the gold embellishments

Funfetti Cake
Recipe question for: Funfetti Cake


molly Y. September 10, 2014
hi jade! the decorations are super easy to make! simply knead a few drops of food coloring (gel or liquid) into marzipan. roll the marzipan out with a rolling pin, and then cut out little triangles with a knife and stick them on! the gold sanding sugar i bought from michael's, i believe it's made by wilton. good luck!
IvelinaP May 27, 2015
Hi, Molly! Amazing cake and it was so tasty. Instead of using some marzipan. I used the egg yolks, mixed them up with some sugar and few drops of food colouring. Then I spread the mixture on a baking paper sheet and baked it for some minutes at low temp. Then cut out little triangles.
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