meatballs and tomato sauce

I fried my meatballs, took them out, fried my garlic and put in my tomatoes and basil, brought to simmer and added back my meatballs to cook. Problem is dinner is only in a few hours. Can i keep the meatballs in the sauce at the lowest heat for that long or will they fall apart? If so, should i take them out, refrigerate and put them back in later? i figured longer was better but now i'm worried they'll come apart



sdebrango September 10, 2014
I have simmered meatballs in sauce almost an entire day, they should be fine left on low heat until dinner. In my opinion the sauce and the meatballs only get better when left for a while.
CanadaDan September 10, 2014
that seems to be whats happening...meatballs are holding up and sauce is gettiing better by the minute. thanks everyone
amysarah September 10, 2014
I agree about reheating the meatballs in the sauce - the flavor of both will improve for it and the meatballs will reheat without drying out. I make it ahead and reheat that way all the time.
aargersi September 10, 2014
I would turn them off - is your kitchen reasonably cool? Probably by the time they get room temp and you COULD put them in the fridge, it'll be time to heat them back up again. It's almost 3:00 CST - depending where you are dinner can't be TOO long off ... they should be fine.
CanadaDan September 10, 2014
Dinner in about 3 hours. You think i should or shouldn't take them out? It's something like 70 degrees in my kitchen and i dont want them to just sit around. i'm thinking i'll keep them in the sauce....
aargersi September 10, 2014
Yeah I would just leave them in there and then reheat gently right before dinner. Yum! Now I want meatballs!
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