Meatball chill freeze before cooking

Just made some meatballs and plan to chill/freeze them before I fry them, will bake to finish them. Normally we saute them and then bake. Wondering if this is a waste of time?

  • Posted by: looty
  • January 3, 2019


Picholine January 10, 2019
I fry in a bit of olive oil ,at that point they are not completely cooked but I’m looking for the crusty flavor filled finish .I put them in my simmering sauce and then I pour a bit of red wine or water in the pan to get up those crusty bits and add the liquid to the sauce. If I plan to freeze some of the meatballs I continue to fry or bake till done and cool throw in a bag and freeze to add to a future sauce.
looty January 3, 2019
So, I dove in anyway. Placed them in the chest freezer for about 30min. They where firm but not frozen. Fryed them at 375 for about 7 mins. I am rather happy with the result. They browned up nicely, crunchy and almost fully cooked. Popped them in the over to finish, 12 min...maybe a few too long. If I do it again the bake finish would not be needed for they could finish in the sauce. But in the end they came out great and froze the rest for later enjoyment.
SMSF January 3, 2019
I never fry meatballs, I only bake them. I don't see any reason to do both!
I also freeze some after baking, then I can just pop them into simmering sauce when I need them. For other non-sauce uses they can be thawed first. Good luck!
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