Accidentally milk is burn while making coffee??

pitambar koirala


Maedl September 16, 2014
When I make coffee, I don't heat the milk on the stove. I use the microwave. I always use the same amount of milk--1cup--and I know it takes two and a half minutes to heat to just under boiling in my microwave. Then I froth it and savor a cup of "pretty close to cappuccino." It may take a few tries to figure out how long the amount of miLk you use takes to get to the right temperature.
Susan W. September 15, 2014
I think you are asking how to get rid of the smell in the kitchen? Unfortunately, I think opening the windows and time are the answers. I do sometimes run my garbage disposal with lemon rinds. It won't fix it, but it does add a fresh smell.
PazzoNico September 15, 2014
The short answer is; you can't save burnt milk.

Next time, keep it on very low heat and stir occasionally. And use whole milk.

A trick that works is to clean the pot with just water and leave a little bit of the water in the bottom of the pot, it gives you a little more insurance that it won't scorch as easily.

Some say adding sugar prevents scorching....that has never worked for me, though.

Also, if it isn't actually BURNT, just sticking a little, you can salvage it without scraping the bottom and pouring it into another pot. But if it's burnt, there's no way to rescue it; the burnt taste will be in the milk no matter what you do.
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