Roasting duck

I will be roasting a whole (open pastured) duck for Rosh Hashana. I will probably follow Merrill's recipe. In reading my copy of Joy of Cooking, there is a reference to "removing the fat gland near the base of the tail." Does anyone know whether this is still necessary? I am also contacting the vendor, but haven't heard back yet.

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • September 16, 2014


Susan W. September 16, 2014
Also..very jealous you were able to find pastured duck. Not an easy task.
Susan W. September 16, 2014
It was most probably or should have been removed at slaughter time. It's a small bump right above the triangle at the end of the tailbone that my Grandmother called the Pope's nose. If it's there, you should remove it.
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