Mexican party starters

I'm hosting a housewarming this weekend and feeding about 35 people. For some reason it became mexican-themed so I'm serving carnitas, ceviche, basil rice and a corn & bean salad. I just need something on the table for when guests come in to snack on before the mains hit the table. I'm bored of chips and guacamole or seven layer dip....does anyone have any suggestions for something mexican (or spanish-y) that I can serve en masse, ideally on the cheap and that can be made the morning of?




Susan W. September 25, 2014
In Mexico, one of my favorite street snacks is the jicama, pineapple, papaya and cucumber sticks with salt, ancho chili powder and a squirt of lime. So refreshing. It's fun to serve them in a festive cup.

Another favorite of mine is pickled jalapenos, halved and seeds scooped out. Then you stuff them with finely grated jack, queso fresco, finely minced sweet onion (purple looks pretty), garlic powder and just enough mayo to hold the mixture together. I first had these in Texas while on a BBQ crawl. I've served them as an app with Mexican food ever since. Always a hit.

Sam1148 September 25, 2014
Watermelon, mandarin orange slices, Jicama matchstick cut, hot green chili pepper and cilantro stems chopped fine (The stems of the cilantro aren't as powerful and *some* people that dislike cilantro can tolerate the stems)

Dress it with a olive oil and lime juice dressing and maybe a touch of cumin. You could deploy it in a big salad bowl and have little plastic glasses for their 'bowl'.
Offer a bowl of really good crunchy salt and maybe a bowl of feta cheese crumbles on the side.

Make the dressing ahead of time have everything chopped up the night before and you just dress it and serve it. You could it put in a couple of big ziplocks (without dressing) to save storeage space in the 'fridge.
Sam1148 September 25, 2014
whoops, I forgot roma tomatoes, and the very optional red onion the above recipe.

/I've got to start writing this stuff down.
QueenSashy September 25, 2014
you could do shooters of chilled tomato or corn soup, or maybe both... toasted chickpeas. (there are some nice recipes on the site for both.) fresh vegetables wit aioli dip...
inpatskitchen September 25, 2014
Rick Bayless has many appetizer recipes here:
including quite a few seasoned nut recipes and even one for popcorn

CanadaDan September 25, 2014
so many recipes here, it's awesome. thanks!
HalfPint September 25, 2014
Here are some ideas:

Simple nachos with cheese, jalapenos & salsa
Quesadillas, cut into small wedges
Queso Fundido, like this one:

Ceviche, made with small shrimp or tilapia
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