Simple recipe for grilled burgers

  • Posted by: Reigne
  • September 28, 2014


Nat P. September 29, 2014
I am all about the full fat meat variety, it adds to the juicy texture of a cooked burger. Love the toasting tip, caramelised onions almost a must and my new favourite topping is a celery fennel slaw.
Sam1148 September 28, 2014
Ahh...I didn't add the other tip. On your buns, grill them to toasty. Then put mayo on the bottom of the bun and plate your burger directly on the bun.
The mayo makes a protective layer on the bun an prevents soggy bottom.
No one likes soggy bottom.
Sam1148 September 28, 2014
All of the above.
Also I put some worchester sauce in the ground beef before forming the patties. Form the patties and then let them rest a bit in the 'fridge (or even the freezer for 20 mins) The chill helps them hold together on the grill, and gives you bit of time to have a good char on the burger without overcooking the inside.
Pegeen September 28, 2014
Reigne, yes, just a shallow indentation in the center of the top of the burger, about the size of a quarter.
Reigne September 28, 2014
Thanks a lot. God bless.
ATG117 September 28, 2014
You're basically making a thumbprint in the burger so it when it puffs up on the center, you still end up with an even patty.
Susan W. September 28, 2014
The only thing I would add is spread your buns with a little butter and grill them for a minute or two so they are toasty and warm. Besides being tasty, it keeps the buns from becoming mushy from the juicy burger. Grilled onions are nice on a burger as well.
Reigne September 28, 2014
Thanks! :)
Pegeen September 28, 2014
The only thing I'd add to ATG117's perfect description is to make a gentle indentation in the middle of the patty with your thumb. That helps the burger to hold its shape when the beef shrinks as you cook it.
Reigne September 28, 2014
Like a disc form?
ATG117 September 28, 2014
the best quality 80% lean ground beef, very lightly shaped (not packed) into patties, salted and peppered heavily on both sides, and grilled to medium rare.
Reigne September 28, 2014
Thanks! It is very helpful. God bless.
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